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Our online art gallery offers visibility to artists from elsewhere who have poignant stories to tell. This is the perfect opportunity to listen to them.

Arte Arta: Engaged online art gallery

Arte Arta is a visual art gallery created to highlight the vibrant humanity nestled in art.

To celebrate human creativity, day after day we bring together bold artists and collectors in search of something unique and compelling.

Through this connection, we invite you to take your living spaces to another level by giving them a more human and evocative dimension.

Art is far from being an inanimate tool of expression. Here is the proof.


When beauty and truth come together

We understand art to be an ode to the living, capable of articulating a message that goes beyond the framework we tend to impose on it.

And if creativity is a language, artists are its interpreters and composers. Art is their playground to blend the real and the surreal.

In their desire to correctly materialize this form of communication, they

paint , draw , sculpt , photograph , print , collage  and transform the most diverse mediums.

Because beauty is born in the eye of the beholder, we also encourage the exhibition of works made from a wide variety of materials .

From oil paintings  to charcoal , clay  to pastels , contemplation should know no boundaries, especially not physical boundaries. The world around us is thus represented in all its sumptuousness, but also in all its ugliness.

Discover art in all its forms

Celebrate art, whatever the form

No matter what category of art inspires you, the important thing is that it transports you with what it communicates. From drawing to painting, collage and photography, all visual languages are worth deciphering.

Let’s explore the artistic substances that make Arte Arta artists vibrate.

Available art forms

Our artistic inspirations

The subjects that inspire us are as varied as the stories behind the paintings we exhibit.

No matter what artistic movement makes you vibrate or the materials used to create what appeals to you, the inspirations behind the works are also of utmost importance. Let us guide you through the different creative substances that can encourage the development of a piece of art.

More details

The different artistic materials

For us, the diversity of materials used by our artists should symbolize the heterogeneity of their creative process. By bringing to the fore modes of expression that contrast with each other, we hope to do justice to the points of view they attempt to anchor in different mediums.

After all, what better way to tell a good story than having the right materials to tell it?

Discover the artistic materials used

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Reproducing nature without idealizing it

Even if some bear witness to hostile realities, our unique artistic pieces have the power to transport you away from your everyday life.

We believe that it is by freezing the circumstances in which a work is created that the story behind it truly retains its authenticity. Therefore, here, each person’s experience is represented in a different way without being taken out of context.

That is how we hope to pay tribute to the singularity of the human experience.

Discover art in all its styles

About ArteArta

Arte Arta is an online visual art gallery whose primary objective is to promote the human experience behind the work on display.


Integrate ArteArta

As inspiration comes with renewal, we make sure to always keep our horizons open. And it is with an open mind that we manage to reinvent ourselves.

If you are an artist wanting to convey their message through a showcase connected to the world, look no further.