Arte Arta Gallery

Much more than an online art gallery! Our primary objective is to connect great artwork by amazing artists with sophisticated buyers and collectors. We are here to help every art collector and dreamer to find that unique piece or choose from the special works we curate.

Unique Art offerings from notable niche artists

Abstract art, wall art, beautiful paintings or, digital art whether you’re looking for, you will find astonishing artworks here. Each one of our artists offers a wide range of artworks with different styles to meet your unique artistic taste.

Arte Arta’s online art gallery showcases the human experience behind the works on display. The gallery promotes art as a vehicle for social transformation. Founded in 2019, we work under a new model of art distribution that is rooted in the traditions of the art world but attuned to contemporary realities, establishing long-term relationships of trust and collaboration with the artists we feature on our website. Our artists represent a broad cross-section of themes and styles: from hyper-technical digital art to traditional painting styles expressed by people from all walks of life and from all over the world – a truly democratic expression of the human experience. 


Our Valuable Art Services, Available to you!

We have buyers who connect with us looking for a specific piece of art, it might be a landscape, still art, a subject, portrait, or something special. Once we know what you are looking for, we can connect you with the right piece of art.

Arte Arta Gallery makes the job of finding the right art for your business or home easy. From Paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, prints, digital art, or mixed media projects. A wide range of artistic disciplines is represented here. If we don’t currently have it in our collection we can help you find it.

Our collections are a curation of valuable boutique and cultural art from Syria to Canada, Armenia to Sudan, you will see that Art knows no borders. And each corner of the world has its own uniqueness and its own stories to tell. In fact, the diversity of the works presented is as important as the provenance of our artists. 

For emerging and established artists alike, this gallery opens the doors wide to complex subjects and stories shaped by adversity. 

This is Art that will appreciate over time. We can help you make a good investment.

Nour Chamoun, Curator

When beauty and truth come together

We understand art to be an ode to the living, capable of articulating a message that goes beyond the framework we tend to impose on it.

And if creativity is a language, artists are its interpreters and composers. Art is their playground to blend the real and the surreal.

In their desire to correctly materialize this form of communication, they paint, draw, sculpt, photograph, print, collage, and transform the most diverse mediums.

Because beauty is born in the eye of the beholder, we also encourage the exhibition of works made from a wide variety of materials.

From oil paintings to charcoal, clay to pastels, contemplation should know no boundaries, especially not physical boundaries. The world around us is thus represented in all its sumptuousness, but also in all its ugliness.

Celebrate art, whatever the form

No matter what category of art inspires you, the important thing is that it transports you with what it communicates.
From drawing to painting, collage, and photography, all visual languages are worth deciphering.

Explore the artistic works that make the Arte Arta Gallery vibrate.