About Arte Arta

About Arte Arta

Arte Arta is an online art gallery that allows you to acquire paintings imbued with current and socially engaging messages.

Arte Arta is an online visual art gallery whose primary objective is to showcase the human experience behind the work on display. Our digital exhibition gallery also aims to promote art as a vehicle for social transformation.

Arte Arta hopes to achieve this by bringing together artists who have evolved in changing environments and atypical buyers.


Exhibit without censorship

Unfiltered art is at the heart of Arte Arta’s mission.

By relying on a well-defined set of values, we promote an experience punctuated by transparency.

From the choice of the artist to assisting with the ultimate showcase environment for the artwork, everything is meticulously planned to facilitate the acquisition of unique pieces that also convey a message.

Since the web is an important vector for the free diffusion of ideas, it seemed natural to us to set up our gallery there. Furthermore, the use of this medium allows us to guarantee a certain continuity to the stories behind our works.

Ultimately, Arte Arta’s mission is to decorate ordinary places with canvases that radiate authenticity.

The values we promote

A simple glance at the values defended by Arte Arta is enough to understand the motivations behind the installation of our platform;

  • Integrity: we believe that the artist’s message must be preserved as much as possible, which is why we make sure that the process of putting the work online does not distort the intention behind the work
  • Open-mindedness: it is essential for us to ensure the most authentic expression of art, in all its forms
  • Perseverance: it is with this kind of quality that one can introduce and sustain a message while at the same time ensuring that art is represented at its true value
  • Altruism: in order to spread the idea that art constitutes a language in itself, it is necessary to approach it as something to be shared without restraint, which is Arte Arta’s raison d’être