Art gallery

Art gallery

Our online exhibition gallery features works by emerging and established artists.

The concept behind the Arte Arta gallery

Acquiring art in its purest form is possible through our gallery.

Arte Arta established its exhibition platform with the desire to preserve the authenticity of lived stories. We wish to give voice to multiples realities from the four corners of the world.

Here, you will be able to learn more about what connects each work of art with the story behind it, without compromising the visual appeal of the work. You will find recent and older submissions from our artists from around the world.

We have art for everyone. Whether you are looking for a sober artifact or one that sparkles with originality, our entire repertoire is dedicated to bringing together incredible creative minds and receptive observers of engaged art.

A work piques your curiosity? Everything you see can be acquired.

Simply visit our shop and fill out an online form.

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Shining the spotlight on creativity from Damascus to Vancouver

Our online exhibition gallery is a way to allow art lovers to explore various styles and become familiar with new mediums.

Paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, prints, digital art or mixed media projects… A wide range of artistic disciplines are represented here.

In fact, the diversity of the works presented is as important as the provenance of our artists.

From Syria to Canada, Armenia to Sudan, you will see that inventiveness knows no borders. And each corner of the world has its own uniqueness and its own stories to tell.

For emerging and established artists alike, the establishment of this gallery opens the door wide to complex subjects and stories shaped by adversity.