How Arte Arta works

How Arte Arta works

Do you produce engaging works of art and want to maximize the reach of your message?

How does the platform work?

To make art something human, it is sometimes necessary to detach oneself from the limits imposed by the concrete. And, contrary to the traditional exhibition model, this is exactly what Arte Arta’s online platform offers you. This is how our online exhibition gallery works in collaboration with artists to provide a creative forum that transcends physical boundaries.

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Before submitting your artwork

While art may act as a catalyst, it is you and your story that truly add meaning. This is why, as part of your submission, we invite you to send us a description. It should describe your experience and explain how you are harnessing art to create a lasting impact on the world.

Match your values with those of art collectors

Arte Arta is an online exhibition gallery and sales platform. Ultimately, our wish is to allow artists such as yourself to be discovered by lovers of evocative art.

For us, achieving a similar goal can only be achieved by offering a platform that pays tribute to the authenticity of your experience.

Obtain multiplatform visibility

Once your submission is completed and accepted, Arte Arta will integrate your artwork into its online gallery. A specific section of our site will be dedicated to you, so that art collectors and potential buyers can learn more about your work.

In addition, your art and your profile are featured on our other social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Buy and sell with respect for the artist

The profits generated by the sale of a work of art support the future creative impulses of its designer. They also allow the artists to continue to express their dreams through the different pieces that come out of their studio.

By offering artists this opportunity to monetize their art, we also hope to help them give back to the communities that inspire them.