Arte Arta Gallery Launches Its New Website Highlighting the Human Experience of the Artists Represented.

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Arte Arta Gallery Launches Its New Website Highlighting the Human Experience of the Artists Represented.

Arte Arta Gallery, Montreal, Canada, proudly announces the launch of its new website highlighting the human experience and plans to grow its offerings and support for art collectors, interior designers, and artists. The new website makes the job of finding, buying, and selling art easier. All the artwork is exclusive to Arte Arta Gallery by amazing artists from around the globe who tell their life stories of through their works. Nour Chamoun, the curator works to find the right art to add to the gallery and helps those looking for special works find those unique pieces to hang on the walls of their businesses, homes, and establishments. 

Art has become an investment focus for high-wealth individuals. Investing in art has long been popular among the wealthy because the category is considered a “value-preserving asset class” that has a lower call risk than assets that are priced daily, such as securities. ” Freya Stewart, CEO of Fine Art Group, told Business Insider. 

The appreciation of art is also growing as people embrace digital art via NFTs. Art galleries around the country are popping up with digital screens displaying NFTs that can be purchased at the gallery. Today art is being displayed in multiple forms and will continue to grow. 

Arte Arta established its exhibition platform with the desire to preserve the authenticity of lived stories. “We wish to give voice to multiples realities from the four corners of the world,” noted Chamoun. “Here, you will be able to learn more about what connects each work of art with the story behind it, without compromising the visual appeal of the work. Whether you are looking for a sober artifact or one that sparkles with originality, our entire repertoire is dedicated to bringing together incredible creative minds and receptive observers of engaged art.” 

Art is now being more appreciated as an important part of people’s lives. If you are looking for something to display that is rich in its story, then Arte Arta Gallery should be on your list. Visit the Gallery 


About the Curator
Nour Chamoun the curator of Arte Arta Gallery hails from Aleppo, Syria, Nour settled in Montreal, Canada, and founded Arte Arta Gallery to help artists to promote and sell their works to a global audience. She wanted to be part of expressing something beautiful, something that talks to the heart—ART. 


About the Gallery
Arte Arta is an online visual art gallery whose primary objective is to showcase the human experience behind the works on display. The gallery aims to promote art as a vehicle for social transformation. 


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