Angelique Sanossian

Angelique Sanossian

Angelique Sanossian is an Armenian/Syrian artist. Her first BA in Marketing and Business in England’s Southampton Solent University led her to pursue her passion for photography at Le Pont Art Gallery, Aleppo. In her young career as a photographer, she specialized in Black & White Photography, and Darkroom Techniques at the Arts Institute/Bournemouth University, England. In her own words, Angelique expresses her passion “I love photography because it taught me how to see…how to admire”.

Today, she is thriving. She has had many solo exhibitions in Armenia, Czech Republic, Denmark, and Syria. As she contributed in different collective exhibitions in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, and Syria.

What makes Angelique unique is her heightened ability to listen makes her see the sources of inspiration in everything or everyone she meets. Today her spiritual practice is intertwined with her art, allowing photography to mold her perspective of life which refines her and makes her a better person.


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