Jose De la Barra

Jose De la Barra

Jose De la Barra, from Peru, graduated from the National School of Fine Art of Peru (Lima, Peru). His style is characterized by an emotional art with a welcoming, tender, and subtle attitude and with personal representations.

De la Barra clinging to the figurative livelihood of his work, travels his stylistic project with complete freedom, without stopping at confined disquisitions, allowing the imagination to flow harmoniously with airs borrowed from reality so that the magical surreal prevails, favoring the presence of an original work of own indications.

A scene that suggests intentionality with an air of subtle eroticism, in the middle of a scenic delirium, where two butterflies simulate taking with them like a child’s kite the fabric that makes an improvised mask for the standing nymph, leaving the imagination free to feel the touch of the skin of the lying female; the scene fragments the plane giving the sensation that it is on the sea; two little birds participate in the game, one that observes and the other that seems to have the key at the end of the thread that it holds with its beak so that the scene lasts; in the background, silent witnesses a serene sea and a multicolored sky that silently accompany the allegory. Imaginary characters, bathed in fantasy, emulating candid harlequins, dreamy beings entertained in activities, simple, dispersal, leisure, fairytale characters, oneiric carnival, dressed in festive colors, characters that populate the fantastic world of the painter. In his works, the rich coloring in the composition denotes a luminous conception of its purpose, which runs through harmonic patterns that flirt the decorative; where the painter with a firm line shows his mastery of the academic to establish his own pictorial concept, strengthening his attitude in the imagination for his task, ideas that he solves effectively with recreations that allow him to show off his skill in handling color and the shape. José de la Barra navigates the outline of the figures, induced by intentions of primary harmonization, which enriches with the intensity of the color that prevails overexpression factors; the bright color and harmonious contrasts at the same time, gives it a mystical air, maintaining a fantastic, fresh and refreshing slight inclination.

  • Exhibitions:
    International Art Fair: “ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI 2016”, Taiwan, April 07-11, 2016.
    International Art Fair: “ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI-2015”, Taiwan, April 07-11, 2015.
    International Art Fair: “ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI-2014”, Taiwan, May 11-17, 2014.
    International Art Fair: “ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI-2013”, Taiwan, April 10-15, 2013.
    Art Curate Gallery “Spring Art”, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, April 2011.
    América 92 Art Gallery, “Summer Lounge”, La Molina, Lima, Peru, 2016
  • Acknowledgments:
    “7th Annual Cultural Festival”, University Massachusetts Boston, Casa Latina, USA. November 06, 2002.
    “Diploma of Honor”, awarded by the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Human Resources, of the San Martin de Porras University, April 2011.
  • Awards:
    FIRST PLACE HUMAN FIGURE, Broward Art Guild, Florida, Lauderdale, USA. February 08, 2008.
    “THE BEST OF 123SOHO 2006 AWARD”, BY Inc., New York, USA, September 15, 2006.
    “International Art Contest SOHO 1998”, BY Agora Gallery, New York, USA. 1998.
  • Member:
    International Association for the Certification of Works of Art (AICOA), Barcelona, Spain.
    President of the National Association of Plastic Artists – Peru (ANART-PERU), Lima, Peru.


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