Juan Murcia

Juan Murcia

Juan Murcia, a photographer, based in Miami. Juan’s perspective of art and beauty is unique as he sees through his camera’s lenses. His traveling journey throughout the world helped him encounter beauty wherever he found himself. Juan says believes that our eyes are designed to see in a linear, 180-review field of view, but when we change that perspective, we discover that the world is not flat, nor is it confined.

When he began filtering reality through the lens of his new perception, he found colors, shapes, and shadows that made him reexamine his surroundings, perceiving the images as separate ecosystems, enclosing a universe of their own. In his work, he highlights the contrast between ugliness and beauty, light and shadows, shapes and forms, revealing the uniqueness of the city he lives in.

For Juan, every photo has a unique story as he believes that photography shows how our narrow human vision can be expanded to reveal new worlds within.


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