Nicolas Mottet

Nicolas Mottet

Nicolas Mottet is from Clermont-Ferrand and currently lives in Cognac (France).

He has always drawn and painted, but more intensely since 2016. Mottet tries to put into his paintings a personal vision of the world, based on his experiences of the past and also of the present.

Anything that touches him inspires him to paint: a place, people, a movie, sports, current events. But his biggest inspiration often comes from the music he listens to every day. Music that evokes memories of events or images that he tries to transcribe on canvas, paper, or other media.

Art allows him to communicate feelings to others, and his freedom to create is what is most important. He has no constraints, save the passage of time, and he paints exactly what he wants to paint. He was a passionate player of rugby for 30 years and taught technology for 20 years. He can now finally express himself as the artist he has always been. “I feel liberated since I started painting” Mottet explained.

Receiving feedback on his paintings makes him happy, whether positive or negative because he considers success to be in the reflections and feelings caused by his paintings on the viewer.


  • Audrey

  • Poisson

  • Éclat de rire

    Éclat de rire
  • Saint Tropez

    Saint Tropez
  • Cri

  • Vers les étoiles

  • Blues

  • Chaplin

  • Rue de Cognac

    Rue de Cognac
  • Monkey