Nizar Sabour

Nizar Sabour

Nizar Sabour is a contemporary Syrian artist. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in painting and photography in Damascus and is a holder of a Ph.D. in philosophy and Sciences of Art in Moscow.

He held many solo exhibitions in Syria, and he contributed to collective exhibitions in various countries like Egypt, France, Germany, Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. His artwork can be found internationally in countries such as Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and the USA. We are proud to host him at Arte Arta as his first virtual appearance.

After his extensive experience as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science and Head of the Graphic Design Department at the International Private University for Science and Technology in Syria, he became the Dean of the Faculty of Media and Applied Arts at the University of Qalamoon – Deir Atieh.

His successful career is birthed from his deep passion for art as a tool to celebrate life, in addition to his continuous quest for beauty and love. During Syria’s dark period, his main aim was to insist on life despite death.


1995 – First Prize of Painting, First Almahabba Biennale, Lattakia, Syria

1995 – Certificate of Recognition, Second Sharjha Biennale, Sharjah

2004 – First Prize of Painting, International Art Symposium, Dubai

2006 – Prize for the Fourth Tahran Biennale of Contemporary Art.


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