Noor Alkawa

Noor Alkawa

Noor Al-Kawa, a Syrian artist. She studied at Damascus University, Faculty of Fine Arts. Her Interior Architecture journey was crowned with graduation in 2016. In fact, Noor’s passion for art was born with her as she conducted many various artistic activities during childhood.

She believes that art has no boundaries or limits that’s how she learned and loved art through research and experiences yet, her ultimate inspiration was Picasso and his diverse art. Moreover, Noor’s adoption of the abstract school with its many facets was the source of the art knowledge she taught to people with mental needs from 2008-2011.

Because successful journeys start with small steps, Noor’s first participation in collective exhibitions was in Damascus 2011.

As a modern plastic artist, she got excellence from the Dean of the Art Faculty, Dr. Fawaz Bakdash during the first exhibition of students at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Along with many certificates through her participation in forums and exhibitions.

Some of her solo exhibitions:

  • 2014 at the Arab Cultural Center
  • 2015 College of Fine Arts Hal
  • 2017 Amer Ali Gallery
  • 2020 At her own studio in Damascus, Altiliani, NEA.
  • Noor was recommended by the Minister of Culture, Dr. Lubana Mushawah, and several senior plastic artists and critics.

Her artistic sense also traveled the world as she participated in foreign exhibitions in Germany, Emirates, and Lebanon. Her lovely artworks are owned by several Arab and foreign countries.