Salam Ahmad

Salam Ahmad

Born in Afrin, the Kurdish part of northern Syria, Salam Ahmad fled from the war in Syria with his family in 2014. As an artist, he practices spontaneous drawing every day, to preserve the manifestations of the spontaneous in formulating the rhythms of expressive, symbolic, and sometimes imaginary forms and colors. Using the oil and acrylic technique on the canvas, it goes free and spontaneous intertwining chromaticity, presenting, in the end, a painting that carries a spontaneous color, distortion, transformation, and simplification of the elements that go beyond the traditional vision and confirms its plasticity, increasing our sensitivity to modern aesthetic rhythms that have a direct relationship with the culture and arts of the century.

The past and the present, the quick touch of color appears in his paintings as an emotional movement that reflects the inner state that he experiences during the completion of the painting, and fulfills his desire to add movement and vitality in the space of the pictorial surface or on the frequency of the colors accumulated on top of each other – despite his tendency in other paintings to create a state of color austerity.

Salam says that one of his greatest inspirations is the woman, who resembles a river that renews at every moment; the woman, who is similar to the fertility of the earth and the beauty of nature and life. His message to the world is that we do not need wars, misery, and sadness: we need the great energy of love that changes life and humankind for the better, for a world where every human being takes of his share, under the sun that illuminates all of our lives as one.

And from this point of view, Salam presents a model of spontaneous art that bears its own imprint, despite the movement between the painting that carries a single subject and the painting in which he composes different shapes, modified and simplified in a panoramic manner. Salam lives and works near Olten, Switzerland. He has held more than 12 individual exhibitions, in addition to his joint exhibitions.


  • Woman from Afrin

    Woman from Afrin
  • Dreamer

  • Face of lover

    Face of lover
  • Woman in love

    Woman in love