Sami Alkour

Sami Alkour

Sami Alkour is a visual Syrian artist living in Beirut. He has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Damascus University. He was appointed as a lecturer in the same university till 2018. Sami has participated in many exhibitions, solo and collective, between Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, and the USA.  

In Salty Water” was the first solo exhibition Sami held in 2019 at gallery 392RMEIL393, Beirut. His artworks have been displayed at various prestigious art spaces in Lebanon like Beirut Art Week 2019, Art Scene Gallery and Gallery Janine Rubeiz.


  • Dinner

  • Love Situation III

  • Night Of Beirut

    Night Of Beirut
  • Love Situation I

    Love Situation I
  • Love Situation II