Samir Osman

  • Samir Osman - Arte Arta

Samir Osman

Samir Osman - Arte Arta

Samir Osman is a Sudanese artist. He is a graduate of Sudan University of Science and Technology and has been apart of 10 exhibitions, mainly in Khartoum. He attended the College of Fine and Applied Art, specializing in design and explanatory graphics. His work casts a critical eye over Western civilization from the perspective of the African Diaspora. He uses a range of techniques to convey these ideas, from traditional oils, acrylics, and ink to coffee for depth and color and pigeon feathers for delicacy.

Osman is fascinated by Africa, whose “beauty and weirdness” he seeks to capture in his figurative drawings. Life is his biggest inspiration as an artist. He refrains from explaining his work and prefers to leave the art open to interpretation by those who take the time to see how it reflects their own views.

His self-proclaimed desire is to “remind the people of Africa and the whole world that Africa is the original source of beauty”.