Sarpong Akosah

Sarpong Akosah

Sarpong Akosah, a thread artist from Accra in Ghana, Africa. He was raised studied in Accra and Kumasi. Sarpong’s parents didn’t appreciate his art at first as they wanted him to be a banker but thankfully, he pursued what he loves to do, Art.

Sarpong’s goal is to add something different to the world of art as when he looks around, all he sees are paintings and carvings.  

While trying to find that special something, he met a man named Samuel Asiedu, he used thread to write names on plywood. That really inspired Saepong to try this form of artwork too. After years of working in this field, the artwork he creates became beautiful and rich. In his work, he showcases nature’s beautiful creations and the people around him. He also wants to be remembered anytime Thread Art is mentioned.


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