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Ahmad Alwaari is a Syrian artist with a passion for painting. Merging colorsAhmad Alwaari and music became one of his deepest inspirations, seeing how musical vibrations resonate with the art. To Ahmad, art is energy, and as energy is not created or destroyed, it is transmuted through him as a reflection of his inner self and society at large.
As a child, drawing was Ahamd’s refuge, getting lost in worlds that allowed him to access tools to discover the deeper meanings of life.

Professionally, Ahmad is seen around the world. Exhibitions began from a young age, from his own home. Later he submitted to the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Damascus and he was the first to examine the admission. But he preferred to study in the field of science. Ahmad didn’t learn painting; his artworks today is the result of daily passion and daily long hours spent in painting without feeling over time is what develops his skills

When questioned about the meaning of art, Ahmad says “Art is a necessity for all of us, and art is capable of transforming a whole life. Every human being on the earth uses art in his daily life without notice, from the shape of the dish to the car they buy”

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