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As a little girl, Lina’s parents discovered her passion for art and found a wayLina Rzek to continue fostering her fire for artistic expression. Lina graduated from fine art faculty in Damascus. She traveled to many countries to enrich her art knowledge, and take a look at many civilizations such as Pharaonic, Romanian, Andalusian, and Greek civilization where she had to obtain mixed art culture.

Lina has experimented with several mediums, such as pastels, and watercolor, but oil tend to be her most preferred. and she tried using many techniques to richer art, such as the recycled materials to create a relief picture. Lina was painting nature, animals, portraits, but her most preferred it was the faces, because she finds the real emotions in it, and she excelled in mixed between the faces, and between the colors of the people, she interested in humanitarian issues. Depicting almost the impossible, witnesses of her art will find that Lina’s incredible talent is to depict beauty in wartime.

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