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Rania is a Syrian artist and poet residing in Aleppo, a city steeped in Rania Kerbajancient history. While studying civil engineering at the University of Aleppo, she also began to study at Roland Khoury Institute of Fine Arts, where she would develop her passion for literature and the arts. Throughout that time and upon graduation from her studies, she embarked on a lifelong pursuit to develop the skills and creative discipline required to create art.

Rania’s artwork explores themes such as the icon, which is prevalent in Aleppo’s historical traditions and in oriental Christian art; and the theme of women. She creates expressive artwork depicting women as feminine, transparent and altruistic. Through the use of oil and gold leaf paint, she conveys the soul and dimensions of the woman in her paintings.

Rania’s work has been exhibited at the Tishreen Art Gallery in Aleppo, Ishtar Lounge in Damascus, Faculty of Fine Arts in Aleppo, Art River in Aleppo, old Al-Shibani building in Aleppo, Orchestra Gallery in Lattakia, Zaman Gallery in Beirut and Spears Gallery in Beirut. Her works are also part of the private collections of the Syrian Ministry of Culture and of various groups located in Europe, Lebanon, and the USA.

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