• The “SYRIAN SARCOPHAGUSES” is a project by the artist Dr. Nizar SABOUR. It is inspired by ancient civilizations and was created to honor the artwork of Syrian creators (painters, poets, novelists and musicians).His unique output serves to emphasize the importance of preserving cultural memory in the face of violence, to insist on life despite death.We are honored to present this project because of its importance, not just for Syria for the entire global community. We believe
  • We are honored to present the VIRTUES series by a very special artist “Sarah ARENSI” on Arte Arta Gallery, discover VIRTUES. With VIRTUES, Arensi offers to the world a new vision, a reinterpretation of 14 Virtues or states of Being that if embodied in life, lead us to awakening and to the highest realization of our essence. A real journey to discover the power of our Being, what we “incarnate” already at the origins. Each