The art of collage

The collage is an artistic format that started with the technique of glued paper.

Energize your story with the art of collage

Originally associated with the technique of glued paper, collage takes advantage of the growing entanglement of artistic production methods to move away from it.

Collage as we know it today can incorporate a wide variety of materials and supports, making it easier for an artist to represent a tumultuous environment. Whether it is chaotic, deconstructed or more refined, collage has no limits other than those of the human imagination.

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Collage and mixed media

Concerned with reaching people in a more contemporary way, artists are increasingly turning traditional art into something electrifying.

This is exactly what is happening with collage.

Since it usually includes a variety of press clippings, collage can give a more militant look to paintings and drawings that would otherwise fly under the radar.

Usually, the elements likely to make up a collage are related to current events, or else they embody what the artist is trying to represent.

These political fragments that feed collage enthusiasts are varied in nature. They allow them to explore the different mediums available to them while giving free rein to their imagination

From scraps of fabric to old photographs, the raw material used by mixed media proponents to create can take many different directions.

They may enjoy using phrases cut out of magazines, wallpaper, scrap metal, visual excerpts from newspaper articles, and even recycled objects, among other things.

Ultimately, a work of art created using collage should be thought-provoking and invite the viewer to question the artist’s creative process.

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