Our print work

Print is one of the art forms present on our platform.

Originally created from simple materials such as ink, paper and a plate, printing is now an art form that transcends styles.

While it has been democratized mainly through Pop art, this medium with an industrial flare is now a universal communication tool that acts as a vehicle for social transformation.Contemporary print increasingly tends to employ digital creative tools.

However, this does not mean that traditional print techniques have been abandoned. Lithography  and printmaking are among the methods that our artists try to incorporate into their work. Here are some of the printing processes involved in the production of the pieces we exhibit.

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Taking advantage of digital

The emergence of new conceptual techniques allows the fusion of older art and its updated form.

However, the combination of print and digital does not mean that the finished products lack originality or are reproductions.

In fact, the printed works that are part of our gallery are original and unique pieces, masterfully composed by the artists who make them their own.

Digital methods reduce the need for printing plates and open the door to other creative avenues.

Mixed techniques

The relative versatility of the printed word allows it to be combined with other art forms.

Collage is one of these mixed media modes of expression used by our artists to bring their stories to paper, wood , canvas and metal.

In the same way, painters or draftsmen can be led to integrate print into their creations.

Redefining print

Resulting from the printing of an engraving, the print is available in two distinct ways: relief and intaglio.

As the name suggests, relief printing involves a plate with raised characters or images that are stamped onto paper using great pressure.

There are three main types of relief printing:

  • Xylography, obtained by woodcutting
  • Linocut, which is a form of linoleum engraving
  • Metal engraving (dotted print)

In the intaglio method, ink is deposited in hollow characters rather than on raised type and printing is usually done with a metal plate.