Submit a work of art

Submit a work of art

This is your opportunity to showcase your creativity in an online gallery of engaged art. Submit a unique work of art to us now.

Submitting a unique work of art for exhibition

Arte Arta is driven to see the world’s most engaged and committed artists have an exhibition showcase that understands and amplifies their message.

By offering this possibility to creative people from all over the world, we also hope to facilitate the transmission of their experiences in the most authentic way possible. Whether your artwork is created in a tumultuous or less tumultuous environment, we do everything in our power to highlight what makes your artwork unique.

Furthermore, as we wish to pay tribute to art in all its forms, it is also possible for sculptors, photographers, designers, collagists, printers and graphic artists to submit their creations to us for exhibition. If the values championed by Arte Arta reflect your own, the first step to take is to fill in the contact form available below.


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Your artwork and your background

Many visual artists draw on their own backgrounds to bring life to the media they use to create.

For the Arte Arta online exhibition gallery, your story is as important as your work. That’s why, when you submit a unique work of art, we also invite you to send us a biography that illustrates your vision of art.

This could also include milestones in your career as a visual artist, any notable experiences on the cultural scene, the places that have shaped your career as an artist, the subjects that inspire you, and your wishes and aspirations.

Submission forms for singles pieces of art and artist biography

Your work