Surrender (Virtues Collection)

Surrender (Virtues Collection)


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Dimentions (cm)

125 X 95


Original photo painting on canvas I High quality print & gold leaf

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in a tube


Sarah Arensi

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“When you are in the darkness, surrender to your Divine Cosmic Self. Self will give you the strength and show you the path”

When we surrender, we give up the obstacles we are in, putting in the way by trying to take the control out of Divine hands and into our own. We let go of it all, what we perceive to be good, bad, right, wrong, helpful, or limiting.
Surrendering to ourself means living our truth, and excavating our passions and primal character.  Surrendering to ourselves means daring to be outrageous, to be free, to take risks, to stop putting off becoming who we were meant to be all along.

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