Syrian Sarcophaguses Collection

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This is a one of a kind collection honoring the rich culture of Syrian art.


Syrian Sarcophaguses Collection

The “Syrian Sarcophaguses Collection” by artist Dr. Nizar Sabour is inspired by ancient civilizations and was created to honor the artwork of Syrian creators (painters, poets, novelists, and musicians).

The collection includes 55 unique works of art approximately 1’ wide X 5’ high (32 X 160 cm) 

This collection serves to emphasize the importance of preserving cultural memory in the face of violence, to insist on life despite death. We also believe that honoring the living is as sacred a duty as honoring the dead.

It is based on the conscious study of historical sarcophaguses and the motifs of ancient burial rites. Nizar Sabour raises an important issue in contemporary Syrian art, which is the relationship between religious art with its civic counterpart, and about the possibilities of combining an understanding of the aesthetics of the image and the content of symbolic meaning.

This isn’t about humankind’s relationship with death, it opens the door to a dialogue about the artistic expression that accompanies funeral rites (from the plaster and wax masks of the deceased to their busts and even their many copies in frescoes and mosaic works through to the structures of hemp and papyrus used for mummification).

As for Sabour, it is his own way of capturing the past centuries of cultural, historical, and artistic development of the region, relying as he does on the teachings of ancient civilizations, thereby recovering the traditions of Syrian art along with the works of contemporary Syrian artists.

The collection is inspired by a study conducted by Natalia Mikhalovna and Mahar Dawood. It examines Syrian sarcophaguses, the source of the idea, and Dr. Nizar Sabour’s intended message that the enemy of creativity is not death but forgetfulness. Click here for more information.

It was proudly exhibited National Center for Visual Arts, 2019 in Damascus Syria.

The buyer of the Syrian Sarcophaguses Collection will own a rich cultural and historic collection of Syrian art honoring Syrian artists’ past and present.