The Curator of Arte Arta Gallery, Nour Chamoun

Nour Chamoun Curator Arte Arta Gallery

The Curator of Arte Arta Gallery, Nour Chamoun

The job of a gallery curator is to be the gatekeeper of quality art and to build collections for the patrons who shop at the gallery. They also help their customers to find the right art to display and add to the decor in their offices, establishments, and homes. When I met Nour Chamoun, curator of Arte Arta Gallery I could tell right away that she had a special eye for art.

Nour Chamoun hails from Aleppo, Syria, a city torn apart by war and conflict. Nour settled in Montreal, Canada, and founded Arte Arta Gallery to help artists to promote and sell their works to a global audience. She wanted to be part of expressing something beautiful, something that talks to the heart—ART. 

Nour became fascinated by the power of art while studying the history of civilizations in tourism school and how much beauty, emotion, and information could be transmitted to us by art made thousands of years ago. She visited the many important archeological and historic sites of Syria. This opened her eyes to the importance of beauty in the world, and the meaning and history communicated over millennia by the works of ancient art (architecture, mosaics, sculptures, etc.). 

As with many people who get engulfed in art and fascinated by the beauty and creativity, there are moments that make one pause. This moment changes you forever because it opens your eyes to the creativity of mankind and amidst all the horrors and evil of this world, light, and beauty still shine.

When you read the stories behind the artists she features, you will understand the power and passion that is embedded in their Art making those works inherently more valuable. She is dedicated to working with artists representing a broad cross-section of themes and styles expressed by people from all walks of life and from all over the world. 

Nour noted, “Art plays an  important role in our lives, we need beauty more than any time before and art helps us to experience beauty.” 

~ Ian Faith of GCG